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windows are the eyes of a house
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Context: home
Sounds/Songs: What the world needs now by Cracker
Book: Murder Must Advertise
Film: Pushing Tin
What I need right now is...to relax.
It's probably not even wise for me to type right now. I've been running errands and chores all day. It seems there is always something else to be done. Our windows are almost completely installed now, much to our mutual horror. They aren't really ugly, but they are not charming. They are useful. They are functional. They need curtins.


I felt more positive about them this morning, though I really wish we had our old windows back. To add to the strain, we can't set our house to rights until the weekend, since the workmen still need access to the windows. There is a black dust over most of the floor and a smell of new plastic hanging about the rooms. Guru is down with a nasty head cold -- I'm stressed because my christmas tree is loosing needles a branch at a time. It's like a big car crash at the end of a long holiday.

It definatly gives one the impression of moving.

I wish I had something more epic to say but nothing comes to mind. I feel that I am overwhelmed by small emergencies. There is no air but that which is above the surface of the water. I must go forward into the future to escape this present. Sometimes its a hollow thing to be a daydreamer.

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