the methods and means of procrastination

or smok'em if you gottem

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Context: front room
Sounds/Songs: jazz muffled by wood floors
Book: The Diamond Age
Film: Snow White: Tale of Terror
What I need right now is...a savior.

View the world without light.
See the violence inate in all things.
Now associate this violence with death...
[ah you see it -- ]
the death is what must be struck down
To baptize
To santify
To bless -- this is to smite down the violence that is a part of all things in creation.
Not just men, but buildings

There is no room for coffee hours
and questionaires
The violence is eating away at your congregation
from within.

Think of this violence when you see the altar guild
or lift the chalice
these are the tools
you are the hands.
Bring down the cross
and leave the body behind.

It's too late to take the party to the devil's door
we are already inside.

--summoned from asking the question why.

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