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Context: home
Sounds/Songs: SS Bountyhunter
Book: The Diamond Age
Film: The Muppets Take Manhattan
What I need right now is...is everything I've got.
I'm about day 4 of the cold that would not die but I've got a halls finally and I feel marvolous. This is probably the most focused I've felt since Monday last week. The menthol is glorious. *melt*
The house has misteriously clensed itself of a number of doodads and paper. Guru has been busy while I've been in my stuper. He's handed my a glass of double strength vitmnan C oj and is now stomping around the apartment.

I feel like I've lost momentum - that to some extent I am still existing in the limbo that is the holidays. There will never be work there is only zool. *sigh*
Didn't I use to have projects? Wasn't I involved in a bunch of things? Did they end? What's all that racket? I am feeling better. Hope to be on the mend by tuesday.

Verizon is expected out tomorrow to look at our intermittent dsl. We've recently had a small pocket of connectivity this weekend -- making me change my trouble ticket from no sync to intermittent sync -- hey what ever it takes to get you to fix the g*ddamn signal. If only reporting verizon to the better business bureau would do any good. Jackasses. *sigh*

I've taken my work table down and I'm not sure what I want to do with it. I've obviously ground to a halt, even before the holidays. I mean I didn't go to school to be an artist. In theory I should be happy with the layouts and ads I've been working on. (uss had a whole load of things for me on Friday) You're suppose to be happy with what you have. I just don't seem to find all electronic all the time fulfilling. But I can't seem to get up off my butt and make anything. Maybe its time for a media class, like clay work. Time to get dirty. hrmm...

Nothing burns like oj after a menthol halls.


If I had any work to talk about, I was thinking about doing that here, and transitioning over to a new journal here that would be more personal in nature. I'd also like to figure out how to do a local install of zope on pis-cis.net. It is pretty cool and the more I work with it, the more I would like it.

But this is me starting things again. That seems to be all I'm doing these days. I must be into beginnings. Or avoiding endings. Or both.

Side Note.
Since when did I start leaving one last slurp of drink in my glass? I also have to actively remind myself to hold on to the glass when I'm walking. It won't float along with me automatically. As I said, not sick, but not well.

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