the methods and means of procrastination

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I think that it is funny that I have 23 visits and no journal entries. Not really sure if I'm even going to use this webspace, but I think I would like to encourage a work journal, which means I need to stop gossiping over there.

I am feeling a lot better. The cold or flu or what ever began to loosen its grip today. I'm just tired now, instead of being warn down. We seem to have are dsl back up too. !!!!!


Verizon found something called a half loop which is what has been causing all the static. Apparently they use to hook phones like that when you had multiple parties on a line, etc. Didn't cost us a thing. Just THink how much money we saved since they wanted to come in at 85$ an hour and check every inch of our lines. FUCKERSSSSS. God. I hate utility companies. If I didn't have to have connectivity, I would tell them to kiss my ass. I still might. hrm.

I hate winter because I hate the dark. Our house is so dark in the evenings. I really want to replace our lamps (or get more of them) but guru is somewhat particular about what I can use to light my way. It's not even really snowing. More like soft rain.

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