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Context: the pc at home
Sounds/Songs: the pc / civ iii in the background
Book: The Phoenix Guards
Film: The Two Towers
What I need right now is...icy hot.

I'm kind of whiped out from raquetball this evening, but some how managed to not eat much today -- having something like 9 points left over *after* dinner. So I've been snacking a bit, trying to fill up on melba toast, hummus, cottage cheese, and peaches in extra lite syrup. I would have turned my nose up at this stuff as a kid. (except maybe the cottage cheese)

I had wierd run-in's with old comfort food this week. Old dishes coming out of my past to haunt me. The Macaroni and Cheese. The Grilled-Cheese Sandwich. I faired them pretty well (Ok, I sort of fell flat on my face with the macaroni) But it was disturbing how little control I still have over what I put in my mouth. I've found a couple of good alternatives (Fat-free coco!) but sometimes I just can't say no to the oatmeal cookies. Actually oatmeal cookies aren't that bad for you because of the fiber...

Had an email exchange with my loan institution to start the consolidation process. He seemed nice, but I'm giving him money so. Actually he sounded young and hip. I wonder if I'm older than he is. There is a surprising amount of those people (people younger than I am) popping up in different places these days. I'm beginning to associate more with the mid-career folks too. Hee, this keeps up I might have to grow up.

Did I mention i am stiff? *ugh*

It's been worth it though. Consistantly losing weight for the first time since Nov. I keep thinking I should go down another dress size any minute, but in reality it is probably a while from now. My coats are too big, which is kind of a draw back in the windy, drafty place we call home.

Well, off to read, maybe get some tea...oh, and sleep like the dead.

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