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Context: home
Sounds/Songs: paul simon / gypsy kings
Book: The Phoenix Guards
Film: Spider Man
What I need right now is...less angst.

And this is exactly why I started a separate journal for work. I posted, and now I feel a lot better. It's like I walk around with that stuff sitting inside my chest. Unless I let it out it just stiffles me. I am now listing to what I think is mamba and liking it. Sometimes I think it might be fun to take up latin dancing. I could definately get into the music. My concern is always my leg and back.

Speaking of which, I may not be able to go back to my chriopractor now because of this new insurance. I can't even believe it. I think the whole situation stinks. PCP's office was less than helpful. I would have been more understanding if it my referal had not been lost, then faxed in a week after my 2nd call to their office. Then no one could tell me for certian how the company was expect to respond -- to the PCP, the chiropractor, or me. Honestly. I refuse to go back through physical therapy. It just pisses me off that I've worked so hard to get active and healthly to have it fucked up by some insurance company.


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