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pain in my socket
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What I need right now is...a smoke or some chocolate.

This has been a pretty low week. I've got a pretty good idea what's keeping me down -- but I don't seem to be able to shut it off. There has been no small bit of aggrevation about money, there were also short words earlier this week. But always there is the underlying grate of my hip in its socket.

The hip has now been adjusted - though the prognosis is that I've been set back a couple months due to stellar medical communication between my HMO, chriopractor and PCP. I was told that my tailbone was pointing the wrong direction by the time I got on a table. That is always reassuring.

Unfortunately, after a day of sitting in non-ergonomic chairs at uss, the pain is back. It's staying just under my pain threshold - so that I am distracted in much of what I do.

It's leading to bad decisions. So I'm late, I'm not sleeping, I'm groggy, I'm eating random things. I don't think I've done anything destructive at work, but who knows really.

I'm suppose to go back tomorrow, but I think I'm going to try and get there today.

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