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but that was back when I knew you
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Sounds/Songs: Serpents for Eggs - SS Bountyhunter
Book: 500 years after
Film: Twice Bitten, Once Shy
What I need right now is...motivation or dedication.

I just finished watching something that I wrote and helped to produced, back in the day. From watching the behind the scenes footage, that can also include "bossing".

On watching my script 10 years later, I realize it wasn't as silly as I remember it. We worked so hard -- we were so serious. And in the end, the results were a proto-movie. A movie that was half-baked but showed potential. I missed the reunion, mainly because of my aversion to the state of kentucky, but this was like a message - coming to me from a lifetime away -- "remember when we were builders/dreamers/scemers/architects? Why aren't you working?"

I left the film thinking I want to get my hand in again. Maybe write. Some quiet capacity. Begin creating right now. Share the simple stories I know. Work my self into something else.

The only bummer is that the extras disk didn't work in my dvd player. So I didn't get to watch the bloopers, or the additional work that my partner in crime of time went on to make. (kudos to him.)

I also want to finish getting the other videos I did into some type of electronic format and share those with him. See how we effected the other's work.

Where did you go when we came to the fork in the road?
What did you find?
Can we come back to where we were?
Are we live?

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