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Sounds/Songs: Dance Bachanalae
Book: Paths of the Dead
Film: I, Claudius (part 9)
What I need right now is...the weekend.

So I'm jazzed about a couple things -- not in any particular order:

1. Someone commented on my journal!!! Dude!

2. In 1.2 lbs I will no longer have a BMI of 31 (obese) but of 30 (overweight). Rock on.

3. I have lost another jeans size and can borrow clothing from at least one of my friends. Awsome.

I'm also jazzed that people are thinking about going to a concert I am playing in on the 15th, including possibly my godson. I've always been mildly curious if he is more intersted in music than he lets on.

Guru and I may slip away some day soon and get away. The main point here is to burn some vaction days without seeing family for a change. Last time we did this we went up to DC. Maybe this time we will go up to the windy city. Not really sure.

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