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Sounds/Songs: Never the Luck from Edwind Drood
Book: Paths of the Dead
Film: I, Claudus part 9
What I need right now is...more time.

Apparently it is the time to travel. The weather has changed to rain on snow instead of just snow. The season of renewal is right around the corner. The weekends are becoming booked.

Though I can say that I have the travel itch, I am also tired. I've been overcoming so many obstacles at work that I'm often in route to somewhere to do something these days. I can appreciate that the world is on the move and that I need to go with it, but it is leaving me with a sense that I would like to have more choice in the matter. So I plan. This planning is what is bring me down.

I'm probably off to Fl later this month to visit my folks, in between weddings, concerts, all nestled in around my weekly routine. Leaving me less time to reflect, practice or pray. So, here we are.

I feel I've started major projects at all of my places of business but don't have the time to finish any of them. Grabbing an hour here and there to make progress on each of them in turn. Excited and dedicated to each of them for that hour. It's an exercise in letting go. Very much like being on a game show -- trying to complete the challenge before the buzzer. I said earlier that I needed to learn to work faster. I think I should switch that to learning how to work more concentrated.

With that being said, this week has been very good in allowing time to reflect, practice and pray. All of these, along with eating right, are things I'm trying to do more of. Each in their way enriching and strengthening my skills and replenishing me. I think I've been too dependent on easy entertainment such as movies or tv. So I've limited my netflix queue. (TV was already limited.) I hope to see if this way will lead to more calmness of spirit which I have been missing and looking for. Just once I'd like to stop being a slave to my amusement.

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