the methods and means of procrastination

may you sleep the sleep of the fish
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Sounds/Songs: Evita, Guru
Book: On War, Clausewitz
Film: Shadow of the Vampire
What I need right now is...subtitles.

So, for the second morning, I have found my fish motionless, tail flapped over a leaf, sleeping. I say sleeping, but I have mistaken it for death both times. He just sort of hangs there, looking fishy. We have also found that the correct reaction to being awaken from this state is to be pissed. Last time we poked at him to make sure he was still alive, he tore around his bowl, almost hissing at us in his surprise. God. Animals.

I've taken to sitting out on my porch the last few nights, listening to the husky sound of the leaves that survived the winter. These leaves are still on the branch, wrattling in the wind - similar to they way pgher's cling to their parking spots. I always remember our dog Rudl at times like this; sitting out on our porch steps in St. j, My dad with his beer; me with the dog. I feel my hand restraining the dog as we all watch the traffic passing. I often imagine him near. Who knows what happens to animals after they pass on. He was, at any rate a good dog.

Busy busy busy. Uss extracted exactly 1 pound of flesh and 6oz as per the devil's pact I made with them a few weeks ago. All this to help out at my church. In some ways I can't believe I had to make up my hours, but in other ways I'm not really surprised. My time is my own as long as they get their piece.

Even though most of my weekends are now busy, I've put my name in to play for a high school pit orchestra, starting at the end of this month. I believe they are doing Into The Woods. Not necesarily my favorite, but not a bad show. I'm into anything that lets me play.

Went to dinner with the viola section last week. We had a pretty good time. This group is the type that likes hanging out as much as playing together. Very laid back section. We were actually treating one of the pso violas who will occasionally do a sectional for us when asked. It is definately a small string community. Everyone knows everyone. I like playing, not only for the music, but also for the comrodary.

Well, hoping to catch up with my folks or yaga to decide what is up this evening. Also trying to refrain from spending money on clothing and a hair cut.

I'm also playing around with the idea of finding a tanning bed soon. It's one of my favorite ways to relax, and I'm feeling pale and pasty from many summers entrenched in my weight. It's time to get out into the sun.

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