the methods and means of procrastination

that little pointy stick
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Sounds/Songs: Go go Godzilla! {yeaaaah}
Book: Clausewitz on War - I'm into the 3rd preface now.... :/
Film: Buffy second season
What I need right now is...have coffee, will travel.

Ran across a pretty good rant by Piro that I just thought had a few jems to share:

'the mood' is really about the creative synergy between your ideas, your emotive processes and that little pointy stick in your hand that makes marks on paper....

Be honest with yourself about your work, but don't be exceedingly negative or positive. Show it to others. Create goals. Many people have online sketchbooks where they post one new sketch every week."

I kind of like that sketch a week goal. Not a bad idea really, if for nothing else than the ridicule and the practice. Of course, I'm not doing anime, but I suspect that you could do this with any creative endeavor. I've been meaning to redo my website anyway...

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