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do desu ka?
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Sounds/Songs: CRACKER
Book: (guess) Clausewitz on War
Film: Godzilla 2000 (subtitled)
What I need right now is...a vocabulary list.

Well, so the japanese classes are starting to take shape. They aren't really paying of yet, but they certianly are enjoyable. I think I need to work on my vocabulary a bit more, since I can basically say, "_______ wa ________ desu." With each blank associated with hand waving on my part. Both guru and I were surpised that I dreged up "do desu ka" last night. Um yeah. Got to love the brain.

I am also happy to now know that "kyo" is today, otherwise known as a non-declinable "hodie" in latin. (yes, something else my brain pulled up.) It is also fun to say.


Our teacher is much less scary than other language teachers I've had. I still managed to get in a yelling exchange over pronounciation.



"no, SHI"




I had this same conversation with an Italian teacher in 95, only I think it was about "gli" (prounounced "GHHHE" with a slide on the H) I just don't have the ear for aural communication.

But I am pleased, and can almost begin to see how these sounds letters and ideas could someday turn in to a conversation. To celebrate guru and I watched godzilla and tried to pick out the words we knew.

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