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are you handy with a straight razor?
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Sounds/Songs: "When the money comes rolling in" - Evita
Book: Clausewitz on war
Film: Buffy
What I need right now is... a new style and some class.

So, in less then 2 hours I will be getting a haircut. If I'm lucky I will also get a hair style. Every time I sit down in a salon chair I have this mixture of extreme dread & hope. I hope to find the right cut that will be attractive. I dread to see another mousey fru-fru mop cut. Again.

I got to thinking about it, and I can't even think of one person who looks like me in the media. I think the closest example I've seen was in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was a very surreal experience, watching a similar face and shape bounce around on the screen. I begin to understand what my mother meant by
"it was a good movie. {pause} Yes good."

You see, I inherited her hair.

But back to the present - I'm thinking about getting it shorter again. (much to guru's dismay) and I'm toying with the idea of getting a bit of curl relaxer, maybe. Maybe wavy would be more manageable than curly. Maybe I will stop looking like an over grown shrub.

How serious am I? Oh, hard to say. I'm not wholy convinced my hair will ever look like anything more than what it is. My most recent philosophy was to let it grow to fruition, so it could complete its ruthless plan for world domination. My hair has always been known for its colonizing properties. But I'm starting to have my doubts, and I've lost 80% of my peripheral vision so, its time to prune.

While I was debating what to do this afternoon, I found a few gems for you. Enjoy.

Walk up to a stylist in the salon who isn't doing anything and ask him or her to show you their straight razor. If it isn't in their tool belt or on their station ready for use, or if it has a guard on it, turn and go. Those people are not serious about hair cutting. Imagine your plumber not knowing how to use a wrench...
Every single stylist is required to do straight razor cuts from day one.

- hair-styles.org
God save us all.

You look at us like your kid sister, the girl next door, the gal who can always be trusted for good-natured advice. You consider us darling, adorable, precious, and perky. The words sexy and beautiful however, seem to be reserved for a different variety of..women.

Maryanne was the girl all the boys envisioned they’d marry after they’d bagged Ginger.

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