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with minutes to spare
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worried, with a dash of the ironic

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Sounds/Songs: This has been running through my head, from 1776:

(Come ye) Cool cool conservative men
The likes of which may never be seen again
We have land,
cash in hand
future planned
Fortune flies,
society survives
In neatly ordered lives
with well-endowered wives

We sing hosanna, hosanna
To our breeding and our banner
We are cool

Come ye cool cool considerate set
We'll dance together to the same minuet
To the right,
ever to the right
Never to the left,
forever to the right
May our creed
be never to exceed
Regulated speed
no matter what the need


What we do we do rationally
We never ever go off half-cocked, not we
Why begin
till we know that we can win
And if we cannot win
why bother to begin?
We say this game's not of our choosing
Why should we risk losing?
We are cool

To the right,
ever to the right
Never to the left,
forever to the right
We have gold
a market that will hold
Tradition that is old
a reluctance to be bold

Book: About to start 9 tailors by Dorthy Sayers
Film: Buffy Season 2
What I need right now is...more muiscals.

So, with 30 minutes to spare, I'm now waiting to catch a bus, to catch another bus, to catach a plane, to visit my folks. How was I to know there would be a war on by Thursday?

Well, I don't know about any of you, but watching the camera over in Baghdad last night was nigh on watching the towers fall, almost 2 years ago. This new technological age will be bringing us live feeds of everything. I found myself afraid to turn the tv off, incase something else blew up.

In other news, War has beat out Sex and Britney as a search topic in england.

I am quite nervous about flying, but rationally, logically know there is no reason to be.

I am happy that there is movement, and I'm worried about the safety of civilians in Baghdad. I have the greatest hope that there will be a democracy after its over, and the great dread of war for nothing.

I'm worried about the panther that is circling behind us, while we fight this lion of the desert. They would kill each other if they had the chance, But, as guru said, "For now, at least there are sheep."

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