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Sounds/Songs: Agony from Into the Woods
Book: Thief of Time
Film: The Color Purple
Line: "I was raised to be Charming. Not Sincere." - Prince

I've stopped responding in the work journal in favor of jumping to conclusions about my future. That is really sad. The thing I need to watch is that I can easily get to a conclusion that I have no intention of following through on. Or maybe I will. I never really know until it comes out of my mouth.

But it has been a busy couple of weeks. The trip to FL was uneventful, other than those cool pysanky eggs I got to do while I was there. I walked right back into rehearsing for Into the Woods with Avonworth HS. My weekend was performances alternated with coffee-drinking and dinner. I also downloaded a new demo from Impressions Games, though I don't think Emperor is as much fun for me as Caesar III. The tutorial is actually pretty long, allowing me to get a feel for the game without commiting money to it yet. Since they stopped supporting macs I'm not wholy sure I want to give them money. While all this was going on, our taxes came back from our wonderful accountant. We broke even.

So at some point, maybe I'll wind back up and finish that review. Especially since things are in the works at all of my jobs. But not tonight.

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