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"How do you think it went?"
This is very similar to: "How are you doing?"
In that I can't answer the question in a straight line.

It was hard edge, techno-efficient. Over all, the atmosphere impressed me. This is a company who has shed its fledgling startup down and is growing into a young adult dot com.

It was just what I expected. The job discription was about what I expected it to be. No surpises there. (Though, maybe that's just my selective hearing. ) I think I did the right thing by asking for more cash then I had been lead to believe the job would be. It's going to be a lot of work. Don't kid yourself.

It would be calling back the rage. The people were reminesent of my lycos days, only more like the waltham office, less like the pgh office. They have short cubicles, so you could accidently find yourself staring at somone across the small divider. I forgot to ask if we could listen to music on head phones or if that was considered "unproffessional." It would be unwrapping my strap-on claws and false teeth. It would mean being one of the lucky ones who do Very Important Things (TM) again. And I have to ask myself if I'm addicted to the rage. Is it something that can or should be redeemed? In some ways I feel very tired. But I am not afraid.

It would by a commitment. I would be pulling late shifts again. I would not have time for myself. I would go back to doing everything now to get ahead of what is coming down the pipe. I could work as fast as I could run.

I guess the answer is, I would be charmed if I was 21, terrified if I was 17. At 29, I'm wary and counting the cost that will be required. All of these things are true.

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