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So nevermind.
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Got the letter in the mail today stating I'm being put on the shelf for the indeterminable future. I know that this is going to sound like sour grapes, but I didn't want the job anyway. Much. But I really want it now that you took it out of my hands.

Next time I won't:
State that this is exactly what I'm looking for during the interview.
Worry about my hair or outfit -- for godsake don't go to a salon!
What else? What else?!

The think I hate the most about rejection, is I'm such a people pleaser that I get all wiggly trying to figure out why they didn't like me. That probably has nothing to do with it but I still find I end up going through the motions. Stupid defensive reaction.

The practical side of me says that I probably didn't have enough powerpoint experience and I kind of hit it neutral with the other designer. I'm also considering writing the hr person to see if I can confirm that or if there was something else I was lacking in presentation, etc. Just to make sure I'm not crazy. As soon as I stop sounding like a psycho stalker ex-employee.

What's Playing:some country from my ky neighbor above...either that or Elvis Costello...oh wait. That's definately country.
Book: between reads at the moment
Film/TV: Farscape - end of first season?

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