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Other things have been going on, but I think that the job interview thing was the most pressing. We also had a great time up north last weekend, though I packed on 3 lbs from the 5 lbs of sour cream my mom'n'law brought home from GFS. I don't even like sour cream. What was I thinking? This was used for my bro'n'law's gradution open house, not as part of the usual family gathering. Over all it was fun, though we didn't know most of the folks there. Fortunately a lot of guru's old cronies were there with families, so we hung out and watched the kids beat the crap out of each other with light sabers. It was fun.

We also so ever briefly got to see the "new" place (as in new to us) of a long time friend and talk about what's been going on in our lives. It was really cool to see her, though I find I marvel at how divergent our paths are now and yet how they connect in unexpected ways.

So we are now back and kicking around da'burgh again, mostly playing civ iii and putting off seeing the matrix. And x2. And really just leaving the house. In theory we have church in 40 minutes. Will we make it?

I do have to say that things have been interesting at uss. I asked at least one person there to be a reference for me, so he knows that I had an interview last week. He was stressing that I was going to leave -- before some re-org can happen that would open up money to keep me. If it happens. That's the problem. It is not a sure thing. It's based on if someone takes an earlier retirement -- and that won't be decided for a few months. All of this I found out after I had had the interview. And it's certianly not a promise. But it's good to know that they are at least considering keeping me on. I mean, christ, how many times can they extend this "internship" without giving that impression? We shall see.

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