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So, this was my dream --

I dreampt that it was June and we still had our christmas tree up in the front room, basically blocking the front door. It was deader than it had been when we dragged it out of here in January, but this one still had oraments and tinsel on it. There were also a pile of christmas stuff in one corner of the house that I apparently forgot we had. I asked guru about it and he said that he had already taken down all the christmas stuff, what did I want to do with this stuff?

It was at this point that I realized it was a dream. Ah-ha. While I was in my "wait a second" moment, I heard my mom call my name from behind the tree/couch. I took a running leap and through myself at the tree, back first. It disintagrated. Just a few pine needles on the floor.

At that point I woke up. I also realized that the tree had been in a completely different room, and that we didn't own half the knick-nacks that I found.

I also had a fragement dream that I used the wrong inks and percentage of inks on one of the projects of trinity so it ended up dark green type on light plum/magenta background. And I didn't realize it until it was already been printed and distributed.

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Book: The Samurai
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