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eating paste
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So I've determined what the secret ingredient is for paper mache -- Cream of Wheat. I sat down to a bowl of apple cinnamon today and realized that I recognized the smell. Has the right consistancy...yes, this seems to be paste. They probably added in Elmer's glue and maybe more water, but that is basically what it is. I'm now not sure if I am abhorred or vindicated. Maybe both.

In other news, I, smarty that I am, took a set of needlenose plyers to my viola bow last night. Great idea. I now have a 3 piece bow. That won't re-join. Luckily I have a back up bow that I can use (though it is very crappy) but I think my subconcious is trying to tell me I don't want to play this next concert on Sunday. Can I get any more destructive?

There is an expensive violin shop downtown (opens late) or a moderate violin shop in harmony. (about 45 minutes north) Neither of them could fix this before the concert, so I think I'll probably have to go with the cheaper one. But, you know, christ.


I had short, harrowing dreams last night, mainly due to too much coffee before bed. I now have that lightly hung-over feeling from the dehydration, but without the nausea. Basically, I'm floating on my own cloud.

Off to work now since my work here is certianly done.

What's Playing: Bach Flute Concerto
Book: The Samurai
Film/TV: Buffy, 3rd season

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