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much crying and nashing of teeth
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60 minutes they said.
30 for only vital information.
So 3 hours later I have finally completed my application for these folks. I am whiped out. I hate evaluating myself. I just want to tell them:

"I like to work. Please give me work. That's really all I want to happen in this transaction."

If I was good at writing I would be doing that instead of designing. Right?

Anyway, hopefully something will come of it. But, if it does generate a heap of freelance work, I'm going to have to pick up a new machine. That is all there is to it. I just can't keep hacking away on my old G3.

Unfortunately, I'm beginning to think the graphic design market is over-saturated,so there will be no job forthcoming. But I figure if nothing else, it helps me polish up my speal...which might be necessary in the coming months if business doesn't pick up. Now, I need to start skimming the classifieds.

On a side note I took my "needs fixed" bow in today and recieved typical pittsburgh customer service. I think I described it as "dower" to guru. The man was not happy that I was trying to purchase goods or services, let alone from his store. But watch, everything will be sunshine and roses when I pick it up on sat. :/

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