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Well, that was kind of a waste of time. Got the rejection letter from these people on Friday which was kind of sad. I mean, I didn't really expect it to become much, but I was thinking they would at least put me record in case something came up at a later date. Apparently they only except 10% of their applications as a rule. But still... fooey.

It did remind me to go check out the guild. I had completely forgotten about AIGA and am now considering joining. For a $130 fee, I can become a card carrying designer. This apparently reflects well on your resume. It means you take your work seriously is what they told us at school. I don't know if I buy that, but I was wrong about the talent company so... The cool thing about them is you can purchase health care through them, very valuable if you end up freelancing full time. Looks like that might become an option the way things are going.

I also realized I have been ignoring juried contests and/or shows. I just blocked them from my thoughts. Not that I think I could win anything at the moment ( I'm still going through the - "I'm mediocre" motions) but it would be a great way to flex the creative muscle. AIGA runs a few but there are also more around, locally and nationally. What's the worse they can do to me? Reject me? *not wiggling*

So I guess my next step is to start harassing the printers I know for job leads and skimming the classifieds. I'm thinking of setting a deadline of July 30 so that if the pgh market is un-yielding by that date, I crawl back to Trinity and see if they have space in the inn for a part time graphic designer.

Before anyone gets the wrong impression, the reason I'm looking for a full time job is because I'm burnt out on the multiple location thing. I just can't keep changing desks,seats, spaces. It leaves me drained. I'm wasting more time than I care to record to "recharge." I mean, the money is important...but so is the peace of mind.

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