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Grumpy to content

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So, what can I tell you.

Again it is Friday. Again I am no closer to finishing any of the projects I've started.
USS has turned completely into focusing on the image server. I've done nothing but scan and retouch for 2 weeks now. The only break I foresee is when I'm working on the cgi end of the project. Then is really when it gets interesting. The rest of it is hardening my resolve to find another position. So no updates this week really here. I actually played hooky on Tuesday to hang out with guru on his last day of a 5 day weekend. It was really nice and we had a good time.

I've been wanting to write for a few hours now, but we are having some bad weather -- but only in patches. It looked like the weather was only along my bus route for instance. *sigh*

Church is getting depressing. I just don't find any joy in the service anymore. Or actually, I feel the lack of any type of communal support/fellowship(?) is sapping my will to care. I talked a bit about this with a friend the other night. She also is struggling with this parish. I go back and forth. In some ways, I find ideas that would help the situation ... but then I remember that I'm often playing for the other team. Frankly, I just don't get christainty yet. I'm trying, but I'm still on the outside.

At anyrate, I did get a job lead from my man at gacc. Don't know if they will accept me, but there is a Graphic Design house about 5 blocks away from me that just lost a few designers to other companies. I could bike to work. *glee* They do a number of projects and seem to be growing more than shrinking. I'm going to take the weekend and try and find out more about them. I also tried to join the guild 3 times tonight, but to no avail. Their online form does not seem to be accepting credit cards. Hrm. Looks like I'm going to have to fax them. :P I'd like to have that done before I apply anywhere else so I can have it on my resume. Who knows, maybe they will have networking meetings or something.

On a quick side note, Pothos has moved into his new 2.5 gallon duplex from his round apartment. And not a moment too soon. Now that I've got a decent light on him, I can see he looks like he's gone through the war. I've got him simmering in a new medication that will hopefully help some of his multiple sicknesses. (it is called Fungal Eliminator) He blew a few bubbles for the first time in over a week. I'm optimistic. He is fishy.

Well, the sky just turned yellow (again) so I'm going to jump off before a funnel cloud, hail storm, or witch on broomstick flies by my window.

Later: Wrong on all accounts. We got a complete double rainbow, stemming from some where in the north hills to downtown. Interpret that as you will.

What's Playing: Thunder
Book: Rage
Film/TV: Farscape 19

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