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Silly, Slightly Combative

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After a near meltdown after work, I ended up bailing on the swim class. I felt kind of bad for skipping out on tj, but I wasn't going to be able to hold it together long enough to get the car to the Y. Just had too much running around and not enough down-time, I think. I had planned on practicing tonight, but instead I've been sitting in front of this slack-inducing machine for most of the night.

Which has been cool.

I finally got an email out to my church about a bb I set up in Feb with these folks.

This project has sort of been interesting. On the one hand I have a herd of cats that only like to talk to people face to face but have trouble organizing a calling tree for a pray chain. On the other I've got the same herd of cats complaining that nobody is in charge or knows whats going on. Though I don't think a bb will solve the problem, I think it can at least start to centeralize people more.

So far so good. I set up the list. I announce the list.

I've been told recently that no one is in the online community at vg and that the bb is a nice idea but... *shrug*

Of course no one is in it. We haven't told anybody about it. It's more than a nice idea, it's tapping into a new way of thinking "on paper."

I personally believe that the web is a great opportunity to start talking to people in my church the way I talk to all of you out there in the peanut gallery.

We no longer have the art of letter writing in our society. I am now beginning to understand that it has been replaced with the new art of electronic writing. It's not as formal and not as depending on penmenship. (or spelling if you read my journal) It moves more quickly and is able to dance between ideas and concepts much more fluidly. How much more can I say to you here than to your face? It also gives us the opportunity to edit. Very important that editing.

I know that not everybody is a great writer, but there is such a difference between a person's internal monologue vs. asking them how it is going. I've found this to be true with a number of my friends on line. The voice inside rarely sounds like the voice aloud.

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Book: Extrodinary Gentlman, Rage
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