the methods and means of procrastination

A sickness really
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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

I would stop worrying about things I have no business controling and be happy with what I have. am. Whatever.

So, day 2 of my eminent departure didn't go too bad...as soon as I could be bothered to show up for work. Sometimes, I can't even believe the level of slackery I can reach when I'm heavy into avoidance. (depth actually) I won't even dwell on the psycho-sematic crap that has been going on. There is nothing I hate more than internalizing problems and having the damn things pop out again where you least expect them.

Other than that, I'm working to let tomorrow come when it does, not sweat the small stuff, n'at.

I've got plans. Ohhhh do I have plans, but we'll see if any of them come to pass.

Today's Quiz:

I am a Mercenary.
Great strength that stands alone. You're strong enough in solving problems that you'd loan your skills out -- for a price. To be a Mercenary isn't necessarily to be a literal Soldier of Fortune, but it does mean that you have great practical knowledge of the world, and great ambition. And by applying both, you will climb the ladder of Renown to great personal triumph and glory.

My sphere is Ronin (Look for great Ambition and Success), and my class is Arms Master (Pragmatic and Stout).

What kind of Warrior are you?

It's all about the ambition, baby.

What's Playing: Cosmic Deebre (Zappa)
Book: DM Guide
Film/TV: Yojimbo

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