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24 hours of steel
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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

I would be more socially apt. Or a Social Adept.

So, I'm down to my last 24 hours of steel. I'm aproximately 30% through the changes I need to make on the internal website, and the mentor is back from vacation and now knows I'm leaving. I want to get him some little thank you for everything he has done for me, but I'm sort of low on ideas. So I open it up to the floor - any suggestions for a thank you gift? One I can get in 24 hours? So far I've come up with a bobblehead beagle. Where am I going to find one of those?

Beyond that we are getting ready for the arrival of guru's parental units for the weekend. I don't think we've cleaned since the last time they were here. :(

Well, can't put it off much longer. Must go to teh work.

But I had time to read about this. What the hell?

Quiet Little City.
Quiet Little City.
Quiet Little City.
Wild Hair

What's Playing: When Death Had No Name (Why? I don't know)
Book: The Running Man
Film/TV: Buffy Season 4

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