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ready to talk now

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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

That which is obvious would be recognized by all parties involved.

Well, that was interesting. Still trying to cope with this weekend of Non-Stop-Parental-Visit which was actually more tramatic than quiting my year long internship-like job and not having any information about what happens next at tesm. I'm an introvert to the core. The visit itself wasn't bad - just inately wearing, especially since they decided to stay up to the very last minute before we had to go to work on Monday. Eh. Guess we will have to adjust.

The end of uss went smoothly - though the mentor was off playing hooky all day. I assume something came up that he couldn't be in. I assume it had nothing to do with my leaving. Probably. But it does give me an excuse to mail him a little thank you note and gift without having to walk though all the wierd stuff of leaving. So one more thing I'd like to do now that I'm free.

I'm now cracking through the academic catalog -- getting into the nitty gritty of degree requirements and pre-reqs. My temporary holding pattern I think is going to be splitting my time between tesm and zeta. I think. I need to get up enough guts to talk to the man in charge. I'd like to at least put in my 2 cents before I begin long term planning. I can help them, but they have to let me. If they decide that isn't a priority, then I need to move to "Plan B." I don't really have a Plan B because that would involve long term planning. Part of me just wants to let the long term take care of itself for awhile and work on working today.

Spent yester-evening watching Upstairs Downstairs and Buffy. As in about 2 dvd's worth. After that I sat and watched the storms roll through the valley and began to plot how I want to arrange the furniture. These are about as much emotional attachment as I feel like getting involved with at the moment. I have hopes to be up for gaming this weekend (did some work last weekend) or maybe a movie.

The future is hovering dominos, ready to fall into place as soon as I begin to move forward, but I find myself at a standstill.

What's Playing: computer fan
Book: Silence (Endo)
Film/TV: Buffy 4th season

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