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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

nothing. nothing would happen. it would all stop.

Not much going on, or at least not enough time to tell you everything that has been going on. But I did find these bits of news amusing, so I thought I would share.

Lewis and Clark
Just as Lewis arrived at Fort Fayette, Mandrell arrived at the Fort Pitt Museum on July 15, 200 years to the day.

Unfortunately, it was a Tuesday.

There's a picture on the Discovery Expedition's Web site showing Lewis and his horse peering into the museum through its front doors.

"Two hundred years' notice and the place was closed," said Mandrell, who was greeted by blockhouse curator Franklin LaCava.

You can find out more about this on the Lewis' journal.

Just had to add this little note. One of the comics I regularly read on line has made a deal with a print publisher that I follow regularly.

Finally, the news is out. We found out that the Dark Horse/Megatokyo publishing agreement had been signed, sealed, and delivered"
- Seraphim, Megatokyo

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