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Good mood in August
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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:

Weekends would always be this productive yet relaxing.

Write this weekend off as one big sigh of relief. We finally shuffled some of the new furniture around and released Anton from the backroom. The TV is now on wheels and wandering around its new environment. The new chairs need to be vaccumed -- they look fine, but I think guru is still adjusting to the new allergen. Hope to go get felt feet things so that we can move them around easier. I've already marked up the floor a bit.

The mac is now on my desk area and the pc is piled up in our "Ode to a Post Modern Electic Boneyard" interior sculpture we have going in the dining room. I'm tempted to leave it there and say we were being deep instead of just lazy. Consider it "found" art. ;) Anyway, I serously almost hugged the mac I was so happy to have it near to me again. Guru's desk (where the mac was before) has now traversed back into the new study where eventually my home office will live. We hope to encourage serious work back there and playful work up front. (INTJ Note: "Because Work is work and Play is work.") It will be easier to have people over if all the fun stuff is out in the front anyway. I've now started to think more on what to do with the bedroom - other than the big stacks of crap that we have there now; but that will be for some other weekend. I'm happy just to get this much done. The moral of the story is that I'm happy with the way the apartment is coming along. So much so that I've wasted a lot of journal space describing rooms most of you will never see. But you can dream. :) Can you tell I watched a lot of hgtv while I was away?

Speaking of tv, we are trying to decide to get cable or not. I go back and forth. I'd like cable on the weekends. Or I'd like cable once a month. I don't want to waste what time I have at home flipping through channels of crap. But I know that is what I will do. I have almost no willpower when it comes to the tv. But I realized I've only been renting sitcoms for months now from netflix. I always thought of sitcoms as bad habits; apparently I was just watching bad sitcoms. Guru is much more logical about the tv then me.

I also finally found a work around the horrible mess quicken had made of my finances. I haven't been able to reconcile my bank statement since April. I hadn't realized how much that was bothering me until I found a number of receipts balled up and jammed deep into my purse. Apparently I had a lot of anger about not getting closure on something as simple as money. Fortunately it was all under the surface making me a beast to be around. Yay subconcious. But that's all taken care of now. The money, not the subconcious.

Well, I'm off to catch dinner at the local grocery store and try this cooking which is all the rage.

Found this little statistic off of some js site and thought I would share:

Catherine is the #46 most common female name.
0.373% of females in the US are named Catherine.
Around 475575 US females are named Catherine!
- namestatistics.com

What's Playing: Car Horn and yelling - apparently a neighbor is late for something, car heist or ballgame, you decide.
Book: Lord Peter (Sayors)
Film/TV: Harry Potter and the Sourcery's Stone

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