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so I haven't had much time to say anything for a few weeks. We went to boston this weekend which was a long drive but worth going. Found a bunch of neat people out of GC, which was a nice surprise. I bought a few books, guru bought none (strange I know) though he has already read one that I bought and liked it. Got home on sunday, lacking 2 breaklights and the ability to put the car in drive. (well you can do it with the proper arbtrary actions) Took the car in monday morning and left guru at home with a twinged back. (still getting over that) Rescheduled my own back appointment 3 times since I was stuck at the car place. Eventually got to trinity did a bit of work. Finally met with CW and SB. Came to a conclusion of about my work situation in time to cancel going to orchestra and hit the grocery store for supplies. Got back to the house about 7:30. Didn't eat any of the supplies but ordered pizza. Ate pizza and promptly felt exhausted and sick. Went and read for a few more hours and eventually turned off the light. Woke up at 5:30 thirsty and with my hip acting up. Got up to see the sunrise and talk to you lovely people.

So that catches us up to now.

I really want to journal more. I hope to be able to do that now that I will be working for one company (zeta) as their art director. (How cheery is that?) I will start in october or as soon as we can find office space that is outside the current zeta world headquarters. (namely, cw's house) There are still many details and logistics that need to be worked out, but the big issues were hammered out yesterevening:
  • Sane Scheduling
  • Conceptual and Actual space for my creative process that is separate from the public office space.
  • Complete set of Tools to get the job done.
  • Finding the right balance between web work and print work.
Some of these were obvious. Most of them I had to think about to find out what was "bothering me" about them.

Thank you to everyone who was encouraging about starting my own business. I think it wasn't the right time for me though. Maybe it will never be the right time. The great news is I can get back to working when working and playing when not working. Journal. Read. Plan. Play. Play. Play. It's been an altogether too serious last 6 months. Too much emotional turmoil. In short, too much doom and batz.

What's Playing: All You Lucky People (Adam Again)
Book: Myths and Missionaries
Film/TV: Invader Zim

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