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Fall is certianly here with a chilly 48/42 degrees outside today. I'm looking forward to eating apples and maybe having some hot cider.

I feel a little more positive then I did at the end of last week. I got a bit of walking in on Sunday and came up with a game plan that does not have "eat an entire bag of chips" as its keystone. I hope to get back into some kind of routine. And I'm just going to assume that I will always have a high level of stress in my daily exchanges since I don't seem to function any other way. I built a whole "action plan" for dealing with stress while I was out. Will I implement it? *shrug* Maybe I'll just keep walking.

Afterwards I did some stretches that my new chiropracter gave me. They seem to work since I should have been very stiff last night from the walk. He's great. Based on the number of visits I've had with this new guy, (about 4) I feel ten times improved over the same amount of visits with my old chiro group, which I went to for a year and half. Probably should have changed doctor's sooner.

Guru and I sat down and hemmed and hawed our way through the calendar for the holiday season last night. We have to make n+1 trips to michigan this year since the wetzel's are now on the west coast, but we also have my grandmother's 90th birthday coming up in October down in Florida. We basically need to be in 3 places at once. I think I will be ok with it if I can nail all the travel dates down early. I am not big on the "surprise trip to see family." I'd rather go on the "surprise trip to Europe." FYI - you can go to Japan for about $750 right now if you travel before decemeber 31st!

What's Playing: This time around (Lost and Found)
Book: The PMS Outlaws
Film/TV: Invader Zim (best ever!)

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