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Hate Waiting

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Talked to Airborne Express this morning. The G4 is on the way and should be here sometime this morning.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I told guru if I don't come in til later its because I got wrapped up playing civ. I am thinking about transfering files from the old G3 though. Because I can really. No good reason.

Unfortunately the hand that feeds has not paid us yet even though it is the 15th. This is usually not a problem, but due to a few misadventures, I've not been paid for the last project yet. It should clear to day, but I was hoping it would clear this morning. It might look like I'm poor. I'm actually bad at managing money.

I'm also still annoyed that I don't have 4 arms. Actually that I can't carry a 3.5 ft x 6 ft table by myself. I hate depending on other people to move furniture. I use to shove stuff around without issue, but with the wooden floors it isn't an option. Well its an indelible option.

Hope to have some photos back from the photo shoot with yaga this weekend. Yaga was willing to do some nice outside shots of guru and I since we are very bad about photo records. It started out as a gift for my nana, but I think its just time to have photos that reflect our lives now. This weekend I need to decide how I'm going to present the photos (in a book or a frame) and make the purchase in time for our trip to FL. My mom pointed out an interesting point; my nana will be 90, guru's grandmother will be 80 within a day of that date and my paternal grandmother would have been 100 all within these few days of october. Kool huh?
Later: So Airborne was mistaken when I talked to them this morning. Yes the G4 is in pgh. No it is not going to get to us today. Apparently it went to the wrong distribution center and will now be delayed by another day as it is rerouted to the correct one. Too bad I missed work this morning to sign for your dumb box. Glad I will have to miss more work tomorrow morning to sign for it then. Maybe. The woman was pleased to point out that it is only 2 days late. She gave me the current address. I could be there in 30 minutes...

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