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happy monkey dance of joy

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So I brokedown and drove out to Airborne this afternoon and picked up the machine. Boy am I glad that I did. I'm still getting use to "laptop typing" but I've had a great time poking around on the machine and generally making a mess. Step of things I did so far:
  1. Turned it on.
  2. Walked through the registration process and then ignored it.
  3. Plugged it in. (I had been on battery)
  4. Stole the cat5 from the os 9 box and plugged it into the laptop
  5. renamed the HD drive
  6. set the sleep time and switch screen savers automatically.
  7. download 400 pieces of mail from my server in mail.
  8. ignored .mac
  9. Opened up Safari and decided the screen resolution coiuld be larger
  10. Installed civ iii
  11. played 3 rounds of civ iii and then quit
  12. Set the desktop background to rotate
  13. Installed quicken 04.
  14. Realized I don't have any data files.
  15. Began to suck down data from os 9 box on to external drive.
  16. Sneezed from the packing material.
  17. Logged on and started talking to you people.
So I'm all excited and working really hard to fill up my harddrive. Soon all the data will be available! We will also be able to see DVD's anywhere in the house AND fill up the ipod finally!

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