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luther and laundry
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7 hours of sleep later...

I feel a little more together now, though I forgot to reset any clock in the house other than my portable alarm clock. Thought we were really really late this morning when I was making the coffee.
I have to admit, with no eminant travel plans on the horizon, I'm feeling really positive about being home. Much laundry, grocery shopping, house-cleaning, and dish-washing needs to happen, but I'm ok with that. I've felt like we have been living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks, and out of the laundry basket for 4. It's time to get on top of the household situation. This also includes moving furniture, files (electronic and otherwise), and generally making sense of the all-consuming chaos that is our stuff.
Fish was fine when we got back, though he has developed the disturbing quality of being a red and blue fish in the light and a black and blue fish in half light. In theory bettas can change color over time, (blue being the "outer color"; white being the most "inner color" ) I didn't think they should be able to do it on demand. But then again, what do I know about being a fish? His pectoral (?) fins are getting more and more dispreportinal, which is giving him a bit of a swagger in the water. All of this makes me ask the question, is there anything actually wrong with my fish?
I've really enjoyed SCIO (new laptop). During the trip I felt like I had my own personal rocketpack strapped to my back. (its about 15 lbs) Unfortunately, I found it limiting to be traveling with a laptop with no network connectivity and no civ iii disk. So much RAM with nothing to do. :)

The photos turned out really great from yaga and I found an awsome frame for them at LnT. The gift was much appreciated, and I'm now tempted to get the same frame for myself. Yaga is in the process of scanning negatives for me, so hopefully I will have something to show soon.

Beyond that I'm in the process of unhooking from tesm and moving over to zeta. I took the morning to move files to the server and will hopefully be burning a CD after lunch to take across the street to my new computing home. (more like 6 cds of stuff)

While we were away we went and saw Luther. The theater we saw it in sucked, but I liked the film. It did feel like the last hour was rushed, but it was basically what I expected. There was a lot more respect of the lutheran/christian perspective than I expected though. It reminded me of the respect paid to the Jewish heritage by the creators of "Prince of Egypt". I say this since Luther is about as close to a patron saint as your going to get for that denomination. It could have gone the way of "The Messenger" very easily.

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