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fall cleaning
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So we helped school friends to a new apartment this weekend. It was enough to encourage us to complete all the big furniture moving we needed to do in our little place. Can I just say it looks so much better. I spent a lot of time working out the layout on graph paper, mainly to save guru the trouble of pushing furniture around willy nilly. I'm sure he appreicates it. :) But the whole place just seems to work better now. We've moved the TV to the dark room, the kitchen table is in the sunny place, (which, btw, would *never* fit in our kitchen) and the computer is somewhere where you can comment on what is on the TV without having to run around a corner. All in all pretty good considering we only have 4 rooms to work with.

There is definately still a lot of clean up to do, but after being in this place a year and a half I finally feel like we are starting to use some of its potential. I doubt we will be hosting cocktail parties next week, but I now feel like more than two people could manuver around in here without bumping into themselves or the furniture. Much.

I still have way too much paper. So I never throw out any bills - 1. because of the risk of identity theft and 2. so the irs can track every signal damn thing I've bought for the last 7 years. The immediate problem is how to store it all, but really I need a better long term solution then lugging the stuff around with us when we move to a new place. I'm in abour 8 crates at this point, only about 5 of them sorted. (i didn't say I was going to make it easy for the irs) I'm thinking of a new filing system but it means elbowing all that crap. It be better to set it all on fire. That or buy a shredder...

Anyway, quiet weekend involving chinese food with yaga. Guru talked his ear off on sat while I stayed here and played with the computers. I've moved almost all my non-school documents on to the laptop now, with only my ai stuff taking time to move over.

All for now...

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