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Well we are back again. We are finally done traveling and I've found time infront of a keyboard to say hi. I think the new laptop is crippling my journaling efforts. Not sure why. Just hard to think on it.


We had a good trip to Fl but are happy to get home. Spent the last evening running around returning purchases and errands. I managed to find a coat, though I might take it back at this point. It was half off so... I *had* to buy it, right?

I feel like I've got a ton of things to do. Maybe I can get caught up this weekend. Mainly I'm going to get a shredder and try and take care of some filing. Way over due.

I'm absolutely loving the Sayers book, though I did feel like reading 1984 again recently. I just get like that sometimes. I'm in the mood for reading something I've enjoyed before. Maybe Watershipdown or The Sparrow. We shall see.
What's Playing: Citzen Erased (Muse)
One Palestine, Complete (Segev)
Gaudy Night (Sayers, D.)
Growing Strong Daughters (McMinn, L.G.)
Film/TV (courtesy of imdb.com): Two Towers
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