the methods and means of procrastination

oh my god
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The classy way to travel.

Well looks like we are on our way out to find some grub for the new year. I've been going back and forth but I think it would be better for me to go then to stay and veg under the slight bass thump of our upstairs neighbor.

Didn 't have too much happen at work today or at least not much creative. Ended up working out estimates and paper types and only did a bit more on the page design I'm working on. Finally ran out an got some cold duck for the holiday and wandered around tesm for a while waiting for guru to get off.

At anyrate -have a happy new year. Though I feel as if the year really began a few days ago and right now we are all just fooling ourselves. ;)

What's Playing: What Would You Say? (blues travelers)
One Palestine, Complete (Segev)
Gaudy Night (Sayers, D.)
Growing Strong Daughters (McMinn, L.G.)
Film/TV (courtesy of imdb.com): China in Revolution
Duration to Write: couple of hours

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