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madonna, mars, and the pimpmobile
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So after I ran the yaga down to pick up the pimp-mo-bile, I came back to the house and had an "embarassing defeat" in civ iii. I'm slightly miffed about this, since this is as far as I've gotten on regent level ever. I might have to back track and play it again to see where I lost. I've done this already on this game, but it irks me because I lost because someone launched the spaceship first, even though I've got the best score at the time of this happening. Last time it was because of land encroachment by me on the romans. Irksome.

Again no work today. Or rather, I went into work, but there was nothing to do. I guess that is how it goes. I feel mildly guilty and slightly worried that money isn't a regular thing, but thats about all I can do. I was well enough behaved and did not go see a movie while I wait to pick up guru from the werk. I don't think he would have appreciated it. And I think it is too soon to look for another part time job. In theory I should be filling out some paperwork or writing thank you notes, but instead, I will probably shop for a lamp at IKEA. My foray into Home Depot came up empty.

I enjoyed reading Gaudy Night, but now I really don't get my victorian england fix on a regular basis. I've been told that the old Faulstaffe series from BBC is as good if not better then Upstairs Downstairs. I may have to check that out.

I'm also amused that Madonna has endorsed Clarke. As always I appreciate what she is doing here by expressing her views in a democratic society, I just wish she wouldn't start talking about it. It always messes up what she has to say. (And have some sympathy for some of her capitalist fans.)

I've also been really jazzed about the Mars Landing. Kewl as hell. I know it just looks like rocks, but THEY ARE ROCKS ON MARZ!

Also, if you are in the pgh area and want to see some friends of mine (some of which I work with) go see whendogscouldtalk.
They are playing a couple of different locations this weekend.

And if you haven't checked in with uwee do so. Exciting News!

Well that's the short anwser to the last few weeks. For now I need to buzz out and figure out how to get guru out of tesm before midnight.

I am just smirking because I accurately predicted Madonna's Myers-Briggs type. (ESTP) Fear the N!

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