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Evening comes and passes on, leaving only the rising dawn.

I'm slightly embarrassed at the amount of food I ate last night. I'm impressed by d.'s effort for reform. I've lost almost all of my fixed eating habits over the last year and I'm now staring xxx in the face again. Again. My clothes fit now, but will they tomorrow? So again I commit myself to writing everything down, even if it is depressing. (as a side note, "fixed" is a very appropriate description - I've technially lost all my routines from 2003 - I'm aloft in a whirlwind.)

This morning, according to ww I'm 15 points in the hole until wednesday. I keep telling myself that I am just going to rededicate myself to writing things down and watching what I put in. Oh, and choose the good path. Do not go in there and order pancakes. I don't care if you do hate salad. Do it.

Also, godbless tlj for kicking me in the head about this at the beginning of the year. Though I wasn't able to stop my slide until I saw bottom, I appreicate having someone yelling in my ear to back up and get away from the edge. It was very neighborly.

Spent the evening reading and pulled out my crochet-knitting project again. It initially started off for one baby, but now who knows who will recieve it. I'm estimating i'm about half way done with the body and then I need to decide what to do about the edging. As my right wrist involentarially twitched last night, I drempt that my mom and I were working on a miniture crochet-knit blanket. I was having a hard time telling her that we should use ribbon on the edge. I didn't actually say it until the thing was already in the mail to the ve's. Again, no anger attached to it, but something like saddness.

I also unearthed Brothers in Arms for a little bujold space action. I realized recently that for the first time in a long while, I had all non-fiction books going. Must fix this. I was going back and forth between 1984 and Cordella's Honor, but as I'm reading it I decided this was the right decision.

Guru was all wound up last night. Usually that is my job. It was a bit odd and for the first time in a long while I said I was sorry there wasn't any beer in the house. There are things I don't understand yet about my hubby - self-worth/judgement and activity/work are some of them.

What's Playing: Something from Electronic
One Palestine, Complete (Segev)
Growing Strong Daughters (McMinn, L.G.)
Brothers in Arms (Bujold)
Film/TV (courtesy of imdb.com): Alien Ressurection
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