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Not quite a barbarian quiz:

Barbarian to the Bone
Attila would be proud. You're unstable, violent, erratic, selfish, maniacal and generally a very unpleasant and dangerous human being. With just a little sprinkle of cannibalism and a healthy dose of pillaging, you'd slide perfectly into Barbarian culture like a sharp sword through human flesh.

Three of the 4 barbarian programs were a lot of fun to watch. The Goths, Vikings, and Mongols were pretty good. The Huns could have been better. Actually you could tell the #history didn't have solid information because the music began to be annoying and the narration leaned dangerously close to histodrama. With that being said, I did learned more about these people groups - groups which I had only heard of in passing during my classical studies. As in, "and then the Goths happened and it was all over."
It's a good watch on an entertaining, monty python type subject.

Anyway, go Goths. You kick some tail.

Of course, it makes you yearn for bbc ancient drama like nothing else. Never thought I'd miss Brian Blessed wandering around yelling in a toga.


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