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So, following suit, I took the presidentmatch.com. Beyond agreeing that you should never preface a political question with the phrase:

"How do you feel about - "

Such as:
Q: How do you feel about the death penalty?
A:Warm and squishy. Also my cats name is mittens.

I also thought my scores were a little wacky:

1 Edwards Score: 100%
2 Kerry Score: 99%
3 Lieberman Score: 94%
4 Clark Score: 90%
7 Bush Score: 71%

Apparently me and Edwards were lined up *only* because we strong oppose pulling out troops from Iraq immediately. We disagree on the majority of other questions which leads me to believe the result weighing is off. When I took this quiz haphazardly yesterday, I came up 100% for Kerry. A very small part of my brain wonders if this quiz is supported by the democractic party or something. That would be the small paranoid part.

I will not vote for Kerry. I've got serious problem with him though I'm having trouble verbalizing it. So far I've got "Argh" and "Oh God" I'm not sure what I think about Edwards. And, well most of you have heard that I think Dean is rabid. So.

So I guess I'm writing in canidates this year. :/

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