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So I think I mentioned this quiz before, but I re took it for this election and came up with these stats:

Joe Lieberman
Overall Matching Score: 58%
You have an acceptable match with Lieberman. You might consider voting for Lieberman if you particularly like his character and background.

Personal Matching Score: 45%
Lieberman poorly matches your views on personal issues.

Economic Matching Score: 70%
Lieberman matches your views on economic issues well.

You agree with Lieberman significantly more on economic issues than on personal issues. You will likely agree with Lieberman on issues like taxes, budget, and spending issues, but will not agree as well on issues like drugs, morality, and civil rights.
Wesley Clark
Total 55%
Personal 35%
Economic 75%

Dick Gephardt
Total 50%
Personal 40%
Economic 60%

And My personal favorite surpise stat:

Dick Cheney
Total 48%
Personal 50%
Economic 45%

I guess this reflects that I am more democratic in my economic leanings then I am on the social issues. I prefer this quiz because it gives you examples for each issue. I dislike this quiz because they are using some kind of java asp script that keeps choking Mozilla. Too bad twinkies designed this quiz.

Not that any of these people are going to get elected (or re-elected in Chaney's case) the way things are going for Kerry.

Party Scores:

Democratic Party

Overall Matching Score: 43%
You have a poor match with Platform. Unless you particularly like his character and background, you should vote for another candidate.

I don't know who this canidate "Platform" is, but I don't like'em. I don't like'em at all.

Personal Matching Score: 45%
Platform poorly matches your views on personal issues.

Economic Matching Score: 40%
Platform poorly matches your views on economic issues.

Your personal score is trivially higher than your economic subscore for Platform. You will find your level of agreement (or disagreement) with Platform about the same regardless of the issue under discussion.

AND THIS IS MY HIGHEST SCORING PARTY. If I can't be more than ambivalent about the best suited party at the peek of my political activity I'm in a lot of trouble. I still haven't changed my voter registration from republican to independent and based on these numbers, maybe I should get on that:

Green Party
Total 35%
Personal 30%
Economic 40%

Republican Party
Total 33%
Personal 35%
Economic 30%

I think I should just start my own party. The Cat Party. I will be for gun control and tax reduction. Some crazy centralist party that doesn't live on buzz words and hot button issues as its life blood. I will also be for putting our enemies heads on pikes and bring the smackdown on special interest groups.


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