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So I've noticed that we spend a lot of money on eating out and groceries, and yet there is nothing to eat in the house most of the time. Also, there rarely is a meal that could be packed up and taken to work for lunch. I decided to try and counter act all of that. I feel I must attack it as I would any inefficency cause I've been around an intj too long.

First I went out and spent our entire grocery budget for 2 weeks (next pay period) in one go. But instead of buying tons of snacks, I got good solid red meat and prechopped veggies. (cause I'm lazy and desparate.) Now anytime I go to the cupboard it looks like a lot of food, but I tell myself it must last two weeks.

I spent yesterday cooking (or "baking with meat" since I don't like cooking) 2 large meals that can be broken down into leftovers. I do not now, or ever, claim to know what to do with leftovers, but I bought a handy (unfortunately short) book from ww's that:
  1. breaks meals into servings for two
  2. gives very specific recipes for leftovers
This has been my salvation. I'm seriously considering trying to find a longer version of this type of recipe book and become a weekend "meat-baker." (alright! alright! "cook") The third benefit of this magazine is all its recipes are lowfat, high fiber, which I'm not even hoping to find in a similar book.

Guru and I ate a quiet (except for the hockey yelling) dinner and I packed the rest of it away in the freezer. Though we really had a great valentine's day last weekend with a dinner out at Bravo's and bookshopping, it was nice to sit with each other and drink decaff hazelnut and cold duck. Really a nice evening.

So, we will see if this works. I certianly don't want to have to "cook" more than biweekly, but this is a much better option to "white rice dinners" or Eat'nPark again.

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