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I was poking around on some lj sites and ran across a great dogblog found by Thea. The whole blog is worth the read. Damn funny.

Yay digital cameraz!

It's been a long week. Lots and lots of illustrator work which we are now ready to approach designing a website with. It really makes print design look attractive. I mean, with print I'm not designing for a moving target. *sigh* Well, it's not moving for very long. :/

Anyway I'm off for some rnr. Or burrowing under the house until fall.

What's Playing: Packed Like Sardines (radiohead)
Books: Just finished The Price of Peace (Moscoe) Wasn't as good as the first one. It was a silly book.
Film/TV (courtesy of imdb.com): Monty Python's Flying Circus
Duration to Write: 15 min

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