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Huh. There's water in my basement. It's stationary at the moment, but it is near the remainder of our empty boxes which we need to move. Because we are packing. Ironically, this is the same weather that shut down PNS where my folks live. They have been without electric, phone or water since it hit on Wed evening. huh. Yeah. So they are now thinking about heading north as soon as the roads are clear. It's been a reall doosy for their town, with estimates of 2 to 3 weeks before power and phones are again available. They can't flush for probably another week. So yeah, they are leaving.

We on the other hand are trying to run all those last little errands you always have when you are leaving the area. Like taking the car in for serivce. You'd think the $700 we had to pay to get it fixed this time would be bad, until guru called me to say the ford place was being flooded out. Awsome. So he's back now, leaving behind a credit card number and the hope that the ford guys will accept that when they get their machines back up on line monday. Awsome.

While this is going on, Guru's folks are on 76 and are about to enter the remainder of Ivan. They seem cheerful. Let's hope they stay that way. We seem very much behind, but I think that is just because its been the two of us hammering away at all this stuff for the last few days. Hopefully it will go faster when we have more hands. And of course this morning started with pothos. And we've only lost power for a few minutes so far.

And don't forget, even though Ivan is blowing over by Monday, its possible that the city of pittsburgh will start up repaving the road to our back entrance, thus blocking the moving van. Well they were schedule to do so today, but they can't because of the rain.

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