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Well, just heard from the movers, they should be here with our stuff tomorrow morning. Ok, the last time these guys said that, they showed up an hour ahead of schedule. I'm sure they are going to love all the stairs we have to our "first floor" apt. Ah well, that is what we pay them for. I'm happy, because it means we will be able to dig out not only a keyboard and monitor for my design box, but also our dsl modem and I can get off this dialup.

Spent this morning competing my profile for aq. Hope to do something more fancy, but I've already spent 1:30 minutes of our 10 hours a month allotment from our isp, time, as they say, is short.

We did get out to see gits:innocence last night. Got some great parking while we were at it. Pgh has trained me to distrust street signs, but lo our car was still infront of the theater when we got back. Huh. Funny.

The film was beautiful, even if confusing at times. I think it is one of the best sequels I've ever seen. Such attention to detail and continuation of story. Great, just great.

Other good news, Netflix has a Denver office. We are now getting next day turn around time on movies, cutting our wait time in half. yay!

We've also come up with a number of great titles for this move, such as: Day 3:Hail, Day 5:Lost on foot in Longmont, and Day 6:How could we not have a microwave?


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