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causualty of moving
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Well, we found out last night that our stuff is still in transit -- approx. still in PA, possibly in WV, and will be arriving Thur or Fri. All's fair in love and moving I guess. We've been managing fine, so I can't complain.

Had an interview/placement thing with Aquent I'm officially on their pay roll now, though no assignments are on the horizon as of yet. This is actually a good thing, since I don't currently have any clothing to wear unless jeans are acceptable. Getting the interview was crazy, including, losing my socks, missing a call from my folks, changing shoes because they were making weird noises, misreading the map, arriving 5 minutes late,and my hair deciding today to friz out. The other negative was I didn't finish the first section of the quark assesement in the time alotted. Ah well! Other than that, the interview went well, though we will see how much work they are able to drum up for me. I remain cautiously optimistic. Since I will be temping I will get to meet and interact in a lot of different businesses. Since I will be designing, I will not go stock-raving mad. Yay!

I took a few pictures of the apartment, but will have to wait before I can post them to you. We are dicussing getting a roomba, since we now live in the land of wall-to-wall carpet. We had to abandon the last vaccum cleaner as sacrifice to the moving gods-- or as a final causualty, whose to say. For reasons related to my back, I actually have trouble using an upright, so roomba would be a neat solution.

We went to an ordination on Sunday in the AMiA church of a Tesm grad. Met a number of people who knew people we knew. The episcopal church is a small small world. Worse than friendster. It was neat. It involved speaking in tongues. By the bishop. Neat. We also attended half of a charismatic non-denominational service. Guru was teary since it was similiar to his rocking and rolling luthran background. I thought it was honest, but I'm not sure I can do that every sunday. Very Very Intense. And we only saw half of the service. (time change from what was listed in the phonebook)

My folks are doing better in PNS, electric and water. No phone service though. And there has been a ton of damage at each of their places of work, church, and around the town as a whole. The entire bell tower crashed through to the basement of their church during ivan. Unbelieveable.

Well, more when ever I'm able to get back online.

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