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this sure is a nice hotel...
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Greetings all,

As guru mentioned briefly, we have arrived in Denver with little ware and tear. New apt is very nice, though reminscent of a nice suite hotel thing, that I use to stay in when working for lycos. I keep thing we need to pack up our stuff and leave tomorrow. This is mostly since there is no furniture except an air mattress and a lamp and there are heat lamps in the bathrooms. It's really in very good condition considering it is as old as I am. Kitchen cabinets should probably be replaced, but bathrooms all seem to work. There is plenty of room for us to rattle around in while we wait on our stuff.

Trip was awsome, and we will post pics as soon as we have them. So far its been sunny...except for that bought of hail this afternoon. Hrm. Hail.

We are also excited because ghost in the shell 2 is playing downtown. We hope to get out to it sometime next week.

Other than that, we learned that the altitude is too high for cockroaches but not for ants. We went and visited the large concrete mushrooms and said they were good. Just a nice friendly little place here...

Anyway, more later....

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