the methods and means of procrastination

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So I start my job tomorrow. Hope to be able to give more details later. It is doing graphic design, though I think first I will be learning the system. More on that later.

Haven't done too much else recently, other than write. The writing goes pretty quick, but the book action is really slow. I'm barely out of the gate at this point and I'm starting the 5th chapter. It's been a lot of fun though. This came up because sometimes I get the impression that some of the characters I create for dnd have a lot of backstory to them. I finally decide to find out how far I can push that. I'm still not out of story yet, so that is a good sign.

Hope to get a couch tomorrow too. I'm told by guru that this will happen.

I've also been exploring live journal and del.icio.us, which I've been trying to update more regularly.

I'm glad the election is over with, though I didn't vote for the man. Nothing more to say really.

I also volunteered a bit at OMF this last week once I was back in town. I visited my folks in FL last weekend. It was a much needed visit. The last time I was there was on the horns of a huricane. This trip was much more uneventful.

Well anyway, hope you all are getting ready for good turkey days.

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